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How was your experience?

    positive review  Amazing!! Love the concept of this store and cooking. Laura is just amazing.

    Jillian Nicole Avatar Jillian Nicole
    September 27, 2018

    5 star review  Nice..

    Hemant Kumar Avatar Hemant Kumar
    June 27, 2018

    5 star review  Great private cooking school session with friends for my birthday was an amazing way to celebrate. Food was awesome and the staff was stellar.

    Eric Range Avatar Eric Range
    May 19, 2018

    5 star review  Have loved this store over the past year - always a source of Italian specialties. Tonight was a first - Ladies Night Out cooking class with my cousin, Pat. Healthy and delicious. Had a great time. Owner, Laura, and her two assistants were just so sweet and gracious - sharing recipes, and cooking techniques, giving us a delicious evening. Highly recommend. Can't wait to take another class with Bella Laura. Ciao!

    Laurie Pellegrino Avatar Laurie Pellegrino
    April 12, 2018

    5 star review  Great cooking school. Laura was the best instructor. Had a wonder afternoon there! Bravo!!

    Carl Santiago Avatar Carl Santiago
    March 19, 2018

    5 star review  I was here last night with a friend. I can't even tell you how much fun we had while learning some old school straight from Italy family recipes. I you have not been here yet, it is a great night out. The staff is super nice, food is delicious, and you can bring in wine. ūüôā

    Peggy Hopkins Avatar Peggy Hopkins
    March 15, 2018

    5 star review  The food at Healthy Italia is delicious, beautiful and healthy. They have imported delicacies that are hard to find in the US. I highly recommend checking them out!

    Manzella-Marchitto Lois Avatar Manzella-Marchitto Lois
    November 15, 2017

    5 star review  I recently attended a team building event at Healthy Italia and absolutely loved it. We chose to learn to make ravioli with an eggplant and tomato sauce. Laura is a delight! He is quite engaging, funny, and made the entire event very special. The kitchen was immaculate and the food was amazing. They use only the finest fresh ingredients, all imported from Italy, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the tastings. Laura not only explains how to make the dish, but takes the time to explain the origin of the meal, and gives a mini Italian lesson while doing it. My coworkers and I all agreed that this was the best team building event we'd ever attended. I will definitely go back on my own for their other cooking events.

    Kelly Bennett Ceransky Avatar Kelly Bennett Ceransky
    September 22, 2017

    5 star review  Awesome shop. Excellent products from Italy and very nice and knowledgeable owner. Highly recommend it!

    Virginie Delwart Avatar Virginie Delwart
    August 19, 2017

    5 star review  This place by far is one of the best places in New Jersey. I had them do a private dinner for 2 for me and my wife in which we were able to be make our own meal with the instructor and it was amazing. From the food quality to the ambience and service you can't find a better place. I would give them 10 stars if I could. They have a huge selection products that come in weekly straight from Italy from fine cheeses to pastas so you know it's the best. Thanks Cristina for an amazing night

    Robert Praizner Avatar Robert Praizner
    May 29, 2017

    5 star review  Have attended two of Laura's classes now: The first was her pasta essentials class where we made our own pasta from 00 flour, later to be used to make both tagliatelle and two types of cheese ravioli. We also made meatballs in fresh tomato sauce, and a light tomato/eggplant/red onion/cheese sauce thickened with water from cooking the pasta. The second was her risotto class, where we made both a cheese risotto, and a shrimp/vegetable risotto. Both classes were excellent, the perfect mix of fun, italian culinary history and technique. Laura makes everything a joy, and even neophytes succeed in here classes. I heartily recommend them!

    John C. Fusi Avatar John C. Fusi
    April 16, 2017

    5 star review  Attended the Risotto Workshop and learned so much in addition to having a fantastic meal and fun with new friends! Laura was knowledgeable and engaging teaching us how to master delicious risotto. They have a beautiful kitchen and amazing store with every Italian import you might want! Loved it!!!

    Susan La Bella Avatar Susan La Bella
    April 15, 2017

    5 star review  This is a wonderful shop, owned by young (but extremely knowledgable) Italian people. All the products--food & cookware-- are imported from Italy. There is a cooking studio as well. I just attended a tasting of Balsamic vinegars -- & what a difference in taste between those unaged ones & the 3 year one! Lovely appetizers to taste them out on. A favorite store!

    Sally Stocker Avatar Sally Stocker
    April 4, 2017

    5 star review  My son and I attended their children's cooking class. The setup was lovely. We were greeted by Laura, our instructor and her husband. The table was set, we were offered espresso and antipasti. Then the cooking began. Laura and her assistant, Christina were incredibly patient and fun. The best part? Eating our creations. The kids were amazed that something they had made turned out so good. On the way out my son turned to me and asked, when's our next class?! I'm thinking of getting a few friends together for an adult class.

    Tricia Sciarillo Kranz Avatar Tricia Sciarillo Kranz
    March 5, 2017

      Wonderful experience at the pasta making class. We had a great time. Kitchen was clean, food was delicious, instructor Cristina was excellent. Highly recommend!

    thumb J. L.

      It was my idea to have our team building cooking class at the lovely Healthy Italia. Still patting myself on the back for this one. We ALL loved the experience. So much that my boss and coworker went back to buy the same pasta maker we used in class (me included!).

    I did my homework so believe me when I say prices for the cooking classes here are fairly reasonable compared to many others offered in the neighboring area. You get a pretty good bang for your buck considering its BYOB, they offer complimentary prosecco and antipasto as starters, and portions for every course are plentiful.

    Lots of things to love about Healthy Italia. The first being  our instructor. Damn brain cells - I can't recall her name but she was exceptional. 100% Italian, super cute, fun, and passionate, gave us all of the instructions in Italian first before translating to English, explained traditional Italian cuisine as well as methods of cooking, and was so patient and helpful with each of us. Second - the course selections. Lots to choose from, changes with each season, and none are basic - be gone basic bitches! Lastly - the storefront. I mean c'mon, who doesn't walk out of an authentic Italian cooking class not wanting to buy Italian everythang? First you eat, then you shop. It's the motto I live by.

    Ah, it really hurts me to admit this but... there was one major flop. Too noticeable to not mention. The two courses cooked by Healthy Italia - the starter and the dessert - were very bland. While the ingredients were fresh and presented beautifully, the dishes lacked flavor. We weren't fans. I'd like to think I picked the "wrong" dish for each course, but for being an establishment offering cooking classes, I really can't overlook under seasoned foods. Womp womp.

    TL;DR - Cooking class was fun, instructor was awesome, definitely bring a bottle, and be weary of the courses they cook for you. Parking may or may not suck. Cheers.

    thumb Shirley C.

      I love this store and cooking studio. Laura is lovey and their products are authentic. All the instructors are patient and so talented!

    thumb Justine D.

      When Healthy Italia opened in Madison, home cooking was elevated to an art form. Importing individually sourced products from Italy, it is a must go for olive oil, vinegar and all the essentials.
    You can also have a  "hands on"  experience in their demonstration kitchen. The instructions are fun, and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
    Healthy Italia has become a fixture in Madison. Come and see it for yourself!

    thumb Maureen B.

      What a beautiful store! The owner is super friendly and he has an amazing selection of Italian pastas (including gluten free choices), sauces, condiments, and housewares. There is also a refrigerated section of cheeses and fresh foods.

    The store also features cooking classes, with many programs including date night, ladies night out and kids programs. I can't wait to try out one of their classes!

    thumb Cindy C.

      If I could give this place 10 stars, I would. ¬†6 girlfriends arranged to take our friend who just turned 50 to a cooking class as her gift. ¬†Carla helped me plan the party and arrange our menu. ¬†Our teacher was Laura who could not have been more gracious or fun. The kitchen is beautifully set up and sparkling clean. ¬†Laura welcomed us with a glass of Prosecco and ¬†appetizers such as sliced tomato with burrata, raddichio salad, sliced meats and cheeses with their delicious flavored honeys and jams imported from Italy and homemade breadsticks. ¬† Then, we made a delicious ricotta gnocchi with mushroom truffle sauce and topped off our lunch with a delicious dessert of grilled pears and apricots along with biscotti and their home made chocolate cake. There was so much food and they graciously provided us with containers to take home our leftovers. ¬† We also shopped in the beautiful store in front and we all went home with new pots and pans! It was a perfect day for a very special birthday. ¬†I highly recommend La Buona Cucina. ¬†We will be back! Ciao!

    thumb Andrea L.

      This wonderful gathering with others that share the love of cooking, Italia and warm ambiance was a Christmas gift from our children. ¬†This was by far the best gift!

    The kitchen "classroom" is amazing, a chef's dream.  The instructions were clear, easy to follow and lead everyone to a successful outcome  making ravioli.

    You will feel like a pro when you are finished with a full belly and a doggie bag to go home with.

    Repeat visit planned in not too distant future!

    thumb Maggie M.

      This is the best cooking class I've been to since I was in Paris and it was the kids cooking class!
    I cannot wait to try one of the adult ones.
    Seriously first class and delicious!!!!!!

    thumb Staci B.

      Fabulous store, warm, friendly service. I want to buy everything they have. The store is beautiful and immaculately clean. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! Amazing selection of products.

    thumb Sue M.

      Laura explained things so well and made us use Italian! ūüôā We were a small group but it was perfect because we got to interact so much. Making fresh pasta from scratch is highly recommended!

    thumb Kristen F.

      I cannot possibly put into words how wonderful Healthy Italia is.

    We held an event there for my company on a Tuesday night. They set up a long table for us in the middle of the store and accomodated a group of just over 20. We made tagliatelle from scratch with eggplant and tomato, pork loin with honey and balsamic, and riso al latte (with this incredible pistachio spread!). We were also provided with a welcoming prosecco toast and antipasto. The owners were so kind and great at teaching each recipe in detail. They shared stories of their lives in Italy and how their grandma's used to make this food for them. We had SUCH a fun time. They also extended a discount to anyone who wanted to shop that night (and shop we did). After the event, they emailed us the recipes so we can make the dishes we learned at home. This event totally exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to return and learn how to cook something new!

    thumb Brooke O.

      We love Laura and her husband! ¬†I surprised my wife with the Valentine's Day Gnocchi night (2/14/18). ¬†We were greeted with a glass of prosecco and began the night meeting the other couples who were also there that evening. ¬†After we mingled and drank our prosecco, we sat down to a table full of delicious antipasto and carried on conversation with those next to us. ¬†We then had the pleasure of making homemade Gnocchi with Laura teaching us the entire way. ¬†Once we made the Gnocchi, we baked it with butter and fontina cheese for 10 minutes. ¬†We were all pleasantly surprised how well we made the Gnocchi and how delicious it was. ¬†Laura then served us cornish hens, roasted potatoes with rosemary, roasted peppers and zucchini, which was capped off with a lemonchello ice. ¬† The food was delicious!! ¬†I highly recommend taking friends to a cooking class which is what we will do next time we go! ¬†Don't forget to take your favorite bottles of wine as it is BYOB. ¬†Also, don't forget to try their pastas and cheeses!

    thumb Dean B.

      My wife threw a surprise birthday for me here recently and we could not have been happier with the whole experience. ¬†The party for 12 people included appetizers, a pasta-making class, dinner (we ate the pasta we made from scratch), and dessert. ¬†The staff was professional and pleasant and we never felt rushed. ¬†The food was delicious! I highly recommend Healthy Italia for a private party --- you won't be disappointed!

    thumb Paul S.

      Just had a wonderful cooking instruction session and lunch at Healthy Italia. Excellent instruction by Laura and wonderful selection of items for antipasto, then delicious carbonara and beautiful yummy dessert. The ingredients are fresh and the results are fabulous. We were a group of ten and had a great time.

    thumb Ml B.
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